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[2007 IBC]

At Coffee Grounds, June 11, 2006

Story by Judy Cedar

Papa John Kolstad & Clint Hoover (photo by Judy Cedar)

Papa John Kolstad & Clint Hoover
(photo by Judy Cedar)

The Coffee Grounds does it all. They have acoustic nights, teas, storytelling, jams, sandwiches, sound system with stage, bridge games, readings, coffee, chess, espresso, soups, blue ice cream, cappuccino, craft sales, pastries, art gallery, and folk music. And every now and again, they have the blues. It was nothin' but the blues one Sunday in June, 2006, as the Society geared up for another Road to Memphis.


Cool Disposition(photo by Gregg Harcus)

Cool Disposition (Dan Scwalbe,Harold Tremblay, Marty Bryduck,
Mickey Bauer and Greg Beach.
(photo by Gregg Harcus)

The band selected for the 2007 trip down to Memphis was Cool Disposition. Papa John & Clint will represent the Society in the solo/duo category. The Society tries to help out in fundraising efforts to help out the musicians with costs for travel and lodging. The collection at the Coffee Grounds went for that purpose and we appreciate the $143 from that day. To keep updated on our 2007 IBC representatives visit Cool Disposition at www.cooldispo.com and Papa John at www.millcitymusic.com/artist/Papa_John_Kolstad.

Judges at Coffee Grounds (Photo by Gregg Harcus)

Judges Pat Craft, Nancy Walton and Lynne Bly.
(photo by Gregg Harcus)

We had five judges, all steeped in blues, for this event: Jym Wroblewski, Nancy Walton, Pat Craft, Lynne Bly, and Tom Asp. These five probably gave the hardest performance of the day: selecting the musicians who would represent our Society in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, February 1-3, 2007.

T. Albert Lloyd and the Kingpins(Photo by Gregg Harcus)

T.Albert Lloyd & the Kingpins.
(photo by Gregg Harcus)



We can't say who said what about whom exactly, but the judges had accolades all around for the performances. Examples: balanced vocals; crystal clear; nice variety; kept audience engaged; witty and wry; interactive with audience; classic music offered with charm; interesting with history; poised and eloquent; good transitions; mournful/soulful and pulled you in; animated and engaging; high energy; seasoned instrumentalists; flair; and, good movement/smooth between songs.

Scotty Graves (Photo by Gregg Harcus)

Scotty Graves.
(photo by Gregg Harcus)

Our musicians for the 2006 RTM were Mickey Bauer, Gregg Beach, Marty Bryduck, Mike Fugazzi, Scotty Graves, Percy Guiterrez, Korey Hicks, Clint Hoover, Papa John Kolstad, Jennifer Lamb, T. Albert Lloyd, Daren Mark, Koner Ness, Mark Nisse, Bradley Olson, Bram Olson, James Schreeberg, Dan Schwalbe, and Harold Tremblay.

Host Dave Lawrence (photo by Gregg Harcus)

Coffee Grounds host, Dave Lawrence
(photo by Greg Harcus)

Mostly, we appreciate the gathering. We had a terrific, attentive audience for our Road to Memphis. Our wonderful hosts Mona and Dave of The Coffee Grounds kept everyone alert. Gregg took photos and emceed. Mary Kay, with help from Melody, sat in as timekeeper. Doug was the official scorekeeper. The volunteers, including those judges mentioned above, were essential because our events don’t happen without them.

Nite Rail(Photo by Gregg Harcus)

Nite Rail (Korey Hicks, Mike Fugazzi,James Schreeberg &
Koner Ness).(photo by Gregg Harcus)

It has been said so many times but is worth repeating: we are so lucky to have such a wealth of talent in our local blues community. The Road to Memphis was one opportunity to showcase some of that talent with performances by Cool Disposition, Lamboo, Nite Rail, T. Albert Lloyd and the Kingpins, Scotty Graves (solo) and Papa John & Clint (duo).

Bradley Olson (photo by Gregg Harcus)

Lamboo's Bradley Olson
(photo by Gregg Harcus)

Lamboo (Photo by Gregg Harcus)

Lamboo's Jennifer Lamb.
(photo by Gregg Harcus)

Marty Bryduck,Mickey Bauer & Greg Beach(photo by Gregg Harcus)

Marty Bryduck,Mickey Bauer & Greg Beach.
(photo by Gregg Harcus)








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