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Upcoming Blues Society Events

Hello Minnesota Blues Fans,

The most popular item on our website (www.MnBS.org) is the blues Calendar. The depth and richness of the calendar is its strength.

If you come across a blues gig that would be of interest to other fans; things like touring musicians, updated venue calendars, last minute band changes, new locations, underground gatherings, unknown artists, etc., please share with our web team so that we can have the most comprehensive blues calendar possible.

The method to relay this information: email a note or photo to gigs@MnBS.org
Include: WHO, WHERE, DATE and TIME.

It's preferred that you send information to gigs@MnBS.org at least one week prior to the event. Our deadline for getting information entered for the Monday email broadcast is Friday noon.

I believe we have the best Blues Society in the country thanks to your interest and support.

Richard Schaefer
Minnesota Blues Society – President

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